Healing essential oils

In every home medicine cabinet, it is advisable to have a minimal set of essential oils. The oils listed below are relatively inexpensive. They act versatile and with a minimum of side effects. However, it would help if you remembered about the individual intolerance of certain substances. This is especially important when it comes to allergy sufferers, the elderly, pregnant women, and small children.
Sometimes healing aromas are successfully used in the provision of first (first aid) care. And yet I emphasize once again that essential oil does not replace, but complements traditional medical prescriptions. Therefore, it is used after consulting a physician. And in some cases, the advice of a specialist aromatherapist is also necessary.

Arthritis annoys millions of people every day. Despite the tiny number of reports of successful cure, the symptoms of arthritis can be stopped and controlled. Using essential oils is one of the best and safest ways to reduce arthritic pain. These pains are divided into two types – acute and chronic. Both types of pain harm almost all organ systems of the body.
Acute pain, in general, refers to those that will end in the foreseeable future – headaches, pain from fractures, burns, etc. On the other hand, chronic pains are permanent, as if you were carrying them with you like clothes. And the situation over the years only worsens, especially concerning arthritic pain. Arthritis attacks the joints in general and the arms in particular, due to a large number of ligaments and bones.

The mention of the “sun apple” – an orange – is found in Chinese manuscripts in 2200 BC. e. It grows in southern Italy, the USA, Brazil, Spain, and Israel. And until now, its essential oil is obtained from the peel of sweet orange by cold pressing. The Arabs first described the healing value of orange oil. This is one of the most popular means in the production of various drinks, sweets, cakes. Along with the antiseptic effect typical for citrus plants, it has a robust calming property. It has a significant impact on depression, fear, nervous tension, insomnia, fever, muscle cramps, cramps and convulsions.
Mixtures containing orange oil should not be applied to the skin immediately before exposure to the sun. Orange oil spoils quickly. It is kept tightly closed in the refrigerator.

Massage with essential oils is one of the best solutions found to relieve joint pain. Also, one should not forget that an integrated approach is critical to the treatment of arthritis, as the overall level of anxiety is positively affected by the health of the whole organism. We recommend trying a variety of oils to determine the most suitable for you.

Sandalwood essential oil, for example, is very good at smoothing the skin. And when mixed with lavender essential oil, Sandal’s aroma gains a synergistic power.
The essential oil of peppermint, rosemary essential oil, essential oil of lavender and critical Eucalyptus oil also work well in a “detachment.” Also, Peppermint essential oil accelerates blood, in addition to local reduction of any inflammation.

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