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About Us

As small business owners ourselves, we understand to carefully schedule projects to make sure our clients receive the best possible service and our full attention on each project.

We always give our clients a realistic completion time and a surprising price for their projects before any work starts. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


OUR Goal

- To seamlessly merge experienced marketing, and quality design to create an impactful project for out clients.

- To conduct myself with the highest level of integrity and honesty.

- To be a beacon of support in the small business community, providing a bridge upstart cost and profitibility.

- To consistantly meet and exceed the expectation of my clients.

W.H.A.T. Business Solutions

Incorporating one stop shopping, we decided to provided Web Hosting and Email to better support our clients for less than $60 a year. Click more for details.

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Our praise


“Mr. Taylor is an extremely competent, talented and professional web designer. He was able to incorporate thematic concepts that I desired within my website (www.regionalconsult.com) which also demonstrated the level of professionalism and prestige which I desire to display through my company. Not only was my website professional, but it was completed more expeditiously than anticipated, required few edits and was a completely welcoming overall experience. When asked to choose only three charateristics to describe Mr. Taylor's work-ethic, it was extremely difficult to choose, as his work was all emcompassing in the aforementioned qualities. I would highly recommend Mr. Taylor to any and all of my friends, associates, colleagues and clients.”- Juanita @ Regional Consultant